How to get a high yield from Shanty tomato variety

Dear George,
I am from Zanzibar island in Tanzania. I want to know how to get a high yield from Shanty tomato variety. I mean: how and when should I feed it fertilizer in order to get high yield? How should I prune it and what type of fertilizer is best for Shanty tomatoes?
I am waiting to hear from you.
Omar Banisheyba
Dear Omar,
Please adapt the density of the plants to 15000 plants/hectare as vigor Hybrid variety in outdoor.
The Shanty tomato variety needs rich soil to grow– soil that is rich with organic manure and phosphor (P) 300 units/hectare, and potassium (K) with 600 units/hectare. This is for basic fertilization, and Nitrogen will be used during the season combined with P & K.
With this level of fertilizer, grower don’t need to fertilize in the first week after transplanting just irrigate to insure seedlings absorption.
Fertilization should start with equal quantities of N:P:K as 20:20:20.
2nd & 3rd week: fertilize 1-1.2 kg/day/hectare N:P:K of pure N:P:K.
3rd – 4th weeks: increase the same fertilizer to 1.5-2kg/day/hectare
5th week: it is best to change the fertilization of N:P:K, to 2:1:3 as 17:10:27,with 3kg N/day/hectare.
You can continue this rate of N:P:K until the end of the season.
With this method you will get maximum yield and quality.
In the peak of the season, 2 weeks before harvesting and until two weeks after beginning of harvest, each hectare needs 4.5-5 kg of N/hectare/day.
Between the 5th week until the peak of the growth, the quantity can be increased as the tomatoes grow.
The irrigation must be adapted to the kind of the soil from sandy to heavy soils, sandy soil must be irrigated with short intervals, but heavy soil grower can irrigate with longer intervals between irrigations.
I wish you a fruitful season