Plant viruses: Prevention rather than cure

What Plant Viruses Can Teach Us About Human Viruses – COVID-19.
Over the years, Hazera has acquired knowledge and practices to fight potential pests and viruses that threaten the yields and the quality of our products.
Globalization has driven the worldwide spread of biological material, and with it infectious plant diseases. For most plant viruses, there’s no cure – only prevention. Many of the measures used to fight human viruses, like COVID-19, are also effective against plant viruses. Effective disease management starts with knowing your pest, and then applying reliable and professional detection methods to catch diseases early. This includes employing a robust methodology for sampling and monitoring the affected plant population.

MDM: A key preventative approach
However, the most effective strategy is always avoidance or prevention through proper hygiene. This means taking steps to prevent the virus from spreading via contact with surfaces, clothing, tools – and even smartphones. At Hazera, we advise taking the following preventative approach, known as MDM:
Measures – use of disinfectants, gloves, coats, masks, coveralls and additional protective steps
Discipline – everyone follows the guidelines and instructions strictly and precisely
Management – the process is led by professionals backed by the full commitment of the top administrative level
The MDM strategy depends on the firm commitment of all those involved. Just one person not complying can be enough to cause an outbreak or the secondary spread of a disease.

Hazera’s experts are happy to provide more information on preventing viruses and diseases in your crop. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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