Wide range of newest tomato varieties in our demo greenhouse

Our dedicated High Tech tomato team started the preparations for our tomato demo at the Delphy Improvement Center in Bleiswijk.
The team, consisting of motivated colleagues from R&D to Commercial and Marketing planted a wide range of our newest hybrids in our screening and demo greenhouse. In this demo all important segments of the tomato category are present, like large loose, truss (large & medium) and Cherry (round & plum).

During the season our team is monitoring the new tomato varieties very closely.  Based upon all obtained insights and knowledge the best performing varieties, this can be on e.g. taste or yield, are selected. The information that we gather during the season is used to support and inform our partners all along the tomato value chain. Because together we grow the tomatoes of the future.

Over the last years Hazera has worked passionately to develop tasty tomatoes with benefits for the full produce chain. We are convinced that this year, again, we have a compartment full of exciting new varieties. This year we decided to expand our ‘high taste’ acreage in our greenhouse by 20%.
On display you will also find some highlights that are monitored for several years and which we are thrilled about. We are happy to present you the following great tasting varieties:

Camelot is a cherry plum variety (12-15 gr) which is very succesfull in Spain and Morocco.
This variety is the only variety which ripens to full red on the plant. In our HT demo we are doing agronomy trials to adapt for the High-Tech segment. Camelot has a high yield potential and has an excellent post-harvest quality, even up to 20 days and has very low waste percentages. The flavour, shape and colors are comparable with the benchmark in this segment.

A medium, great tasting, truss variety with an average weight of 95-110 grams.
The Sensera truss is best presented as a 6-pack and has a perfect on the shelve performance because of the firm green part which can also act as a natural handle. In consumer evaluations this variety scores very high on perceived freshness and buying intent. Even after 8 – 10 days.

This large specialty tomato is known for its stunning and vintage taste experience.
The variety has an average fruit weight of 90-120 grams and is grown (and already famous) in multiple places around Europe.

Summersun is known to be the best tasting yellow cherry tomato in the market and has an average fruit weight of 10-12 grams. This tomato has a big entourage of enthusiastic partners along the chain; the tomato that puts a smile on the consumers face.

Curious about our varieties? Or other solutions we can offer?

Your invited to meet the team in our taste experience center @Delphy Improvement Center in Bleiswijk. In our mini supermarket you can taste the highlights and we can discuss our full program. Data performance is available.

Only together good tasting tomatoes and  on-theshelve concepts can grow into lasting partnerships.

We are happy to contact you for an appointment from April onwards. If you can’t wait, please contact our team.

Marcel van Kester: marcelvan.kester@hazera.com 
Karel Welten: karel.welten@hazera.com 

Arjan van Steekelenburg: arjan.van.steekelenburg@hazera.com
Robbert Biemans: robbert.biemans@hazera.com


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