Brassica Days in the Netherlands

The annual International Open Days in September are a long and well-known tradition. For many years we have presenting our full product range to international customers in the famous week 39. But times are changing. That’s why we decided to have a more focused scope on our Brassica portfolio this year. So the International Open Days will become the International Brassica Days, which can be visited upon appointment.

Local conditions and customers’ needs vary. The new approach this year to have a more focussed scope will help us to even better understand your needs and wishes. It will give us the opportunity to have more in-depth talks with you on our Brassica portfolio, the challenges you encounter, to give more technical advice for your area and to share the latest market trends and insights.

Brassica in the spotlight
The Brassica Days will take place from 27th until 29th of September in our breeding station in Warmenhuizen, The Netherlands and can be visited upon appointment. The event will focus on Western and Eastern Europe, Balkans and USA. During this event we will present our varieties on our demo field and visit our trial fields. We will talk about challenges in labour and present mechanical harvest solutions. The preparations for this event are in full swing. We are happy to keep you posted on the exact details of the program!

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