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A brand new look & feel, easier navigation & regional variety information.

The website is a whole in one.com. An one-stop-shop platform for all our international and local partners. It means we now operate from hazera.com with (automatic) redirections to regional websites.

Whole in one .com
The site features easier navigation, a brand new look & feel and regional variety information. In the regional variety information you will find more detailed information about our varieties, like resistances and harvesting and sowing tables. You can also use filters to find the most suitable variety and select a digital or physical event you want to attend. We will use the website also as platform to share our knowledge and latest insights with our partners.

About Hazera
Hazera Seeds is a global organization committed to developing high-quality vegetables seeds that allow communities to flourish. Our mission is making people, partnerships and fruit and vegetables flourish. We have headquarters in both the Netherlands and Israel, operating subsidiaries in 11 countries, together with a distribution network serving over 130 markets. Our partners operate in all kinds of climates, and under diverse growing conditions and market requirements. For over a century, our top priority has been walking alongside them, developing an enormous variety of seeds and providing comprehensive support every step of the way. Hazera’s team of experts works directly with growers to evaluate their needs, assist during variety selection and provide guidance and support throughout the crop cycle.
We are part of the Limagrain Group, an international agri-business based in France.

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