New Deputy CEO of Hazera: “It is like a Marathon run, and we want to finish first!”

August 2022

 Since 19th May 2022, Ofer Peleg has been the new Deputy CEO of Hazera. He leads Sales, Supply Chain, IT and Production. Ofer says: “We have great DNA in Hazera, but also opportunities and potential to become a well-integrated company and realise solid and robust processes”.

Ofer, fifty years old, lives near Tel Aviv, with his wife and three children, aged 21, 18 and 13. He used to work for several leading companies in multicultural and dynamic environments. “I started as an Industrial Engineer in the Pharmaceutical Industry where I stayed for about twenty years. At Teva Pharmaceuticals, the Israeli global generic leader, I served in various positions in both R&D and Operations, where my last role was to manage three large facilities in Europe. For that role, I moved with my family to Amsterdam for two years. After that I became Vice-President of the Global supply chain at Sun Pharmaceuticals, a global Indian Pharmaceutical company. In the last four years I was the vice-president of the Global supply chain at Netafim, a global leader in precision irrigation. At Netafim, I focused on the same customers and ambition as Hazera; helping farmers to get the best out of their crops for both quantity and quality.”

Go the extra mile
“I was given a very warm welcome, both at Hazera and Limagrain. There is a strong sense of partnership and the people I have met enjoy their profession and are very enthusiastic, willing to go above and beyond to serve our customers. They know that by doing so, they are making the world a better place. Shortly after I started at Hazera, I was lucky to meet many of my colleagues at the annual Limagrain conference in Prague.

Marathon run

“I have started to learn that there is a huge know-how and great professionalism here”, says Ofer, “but our competitors are not waiting for us, and we have to be agile, flexible and focused on quality. We can’t stop, not even for a minute; we are running a marathon and we want to finish first. There is also an opportunity for becoming a well-integrated company and realising solid and robust processes.”

Way of working
“We produce seeds all over the world. How can we do this as efficiently as possible? What is our optimal footprint? How do we optimize our inventory?  How can we leverage our capabilities?  In my former positions I have helped answering similar kinds of questions. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and contributing to Hazera.”

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