Precision Agriculture – The Future is Now

Precision Agriculture

By Dr. Galit Sharabani

Decisions are a part of our daily life. Decision-making is central to farm management; decisions have critical impact on crops, and even deciding to do nothing is a decision with an impact. Crop farm management is based on dynamic processes and requires daily, careful and detailed organization and management of farm activities at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. Continue reading

Thank You!

Thank you growers for feeding the world with healthy foods. Thank you logistic operators for a timely delivery & thank you retailers for always keeping the supplies. You are taking the daily risk to keep our fridges and pantries stocked. We are proud of you, now more than ever!
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Hazera’s radish challenge 2020

Great first “Radish Challenge 2020” with German, Austrian and Swiss customers in the USA and Mexico from 19th until 25th of January 2020.
During the five days of this exclusive study tour we offered our guests an intense, fun and interesting program. Some of the largest produce companies in two major agricultural states of the USA, California and Arizona were visited and the group also crossed the border to Mexico to visit radish growers there.
California is the most important vegetable production state in the USA and is producing more than half of the nations’ fresh fruits. This trip has given an insight in this market and in the way how environmental factors as droughts, wildfires and mudslides are handled.
Aim of our study tours is that sharing knowledge between companies worldwide will result in network, innovation, creativity and business opportunities.



Hazera’s new CEO: Nicolas Tinel

Nicolas Tinel embodies Hazera’s modesty and ambition.
With his appointment as Hazera’s new CEO, Nicolas Tinel is ‘the right man for the job’ because of his twenty years of experience at Limagrain, one of the largest seed companies in the world.

Nicolas will take time to visit all the divisions and listen to what people have to say. “For the time being, my main task will be to improve all lines of communication within the company; ‘connecting the dots’.” Also, in line with his modesty, he has great respect for what his predecessors have achieved.

Close to Customers
This approach to his new job matches Hazera’s focus on knowing and understanding their customers’ needs. “Which is quite a challenge because our work involves living nature, and the world is constantly changing. But, thanks to Hazera’s headquarters being situated in Israel and The Netherlands, as well as subsidiaries in twelve countries and an extensive distribution network, we are always close to our customers. At the same time, we benefit as part of the Limagrain Group, an international agri-business based in France. Being a farmers’ cooperative, the Limagrain Group understands the needs of its customers and has grown to become the largest vegetable group company in the world.”

Nicolas Tinel has been working for parent company Limagrain for over twenty years. After his appointment at Limagrain in 1999, he was on the cusp of a special kind of world tour. As a sales manager, he lived and worked in five different countries including India and the United States. In this way, he gained a lot of knowledge about the various products and their areas of production. Nicolas knows the seed industry’s DNA and understands what its customers want.

High Ambitions
Nicolas has high ambitions. “I want Hazera to continue to grow. Not only in volume, but also by making an even greater difference in quality. Taste is very important to this. Furthermore, I aim to make our products as attractive as possible for both farmers and consumers. For instance, by improving our products’ resistance to diseases and climate changes, and by higher yields and better storage. And, of course, we will look at ways to reduce environmental burdens and, thereby, costs.”


Hazera’s Official Training Video: Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV)

We are happy to present Hazera’s training video and sanitation guide for dealing with the new ToBRFV virus.

The purpose of this video is to assist growers and farmers to gain a better understanding of the ToBRFV virus, and to share some practical advice and active measures for eradicating the growth of this virus through the use of stringent hygiene and highly effective sanitation. Continue reading