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Hazera's new red and pink tomato varieties in Guandong exhibition, China

Hazera participated in in the 15th Guangdong Seeds Exhibition.During this 3 days exibition, Hazera's new red and pink tomato varieties were showcased.

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Tomato varieties at Hazera open day in Liaoning China

On the 4th of November 2016, about 200 tomato grower and seed & seedling dealers participated in the Open Day held to showcase Hazera’s tomato varieties.

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Macfrut 2016 – Fruit and Vegetables Professional Show in Rimini Italy, 14-16 September

On mid September 2016, Hazera will participate at Macfrut 2016 – Fruit and Vegetables Professional Show in Italy, showcasing its varieties.

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Hazera supports Wageningen University Summer School for students of breeding and seed technology

Hazera supports Wageningen University Summer School for BSc-level students is an extensive trip through applied plant science, breeding and seed technology.

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Our future in Africa: Tanzania – open field days with Hazera varieties: Shanty tomatoes, Neptune onions and more

Hazera sees Africa as a growth market with great potential. This understanding led to an important visit to Tanzania, with the goal of learning and acquiring a better grasp of the needs of the local market, its development, and Hazera’s collaboration with its local distributor - Balton Tanzania.

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Distributors event in Hazera Brazil - A professional training with our portfolio of vegetable varieties – June 2016

Hazera Brazil held a Distributors event on June 21-22, 2016. The distributors were exposed to Hazera's portfolio of vegetable varieties.

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Hazera Expands Business in Spanish vegetable seed market

Hazera launches new tomato and pepper varieties tailored for the Spanish vegetable seed market, and expands its offer with Crucifer and cucumber varieties.

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Short day onions: A long term success !

From May 24th to May 26th Hazera organized the 2nd international Short day Onion Seminar, with participants from 14 countries. Important markets like Brazil and Africa were the focus. We expect to make a strong increase with our portfolio there.

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International Open Days in The Netherlands 2016

We are pleased to inform you that Hazera and HM Clause, again will organize the annual International Open Days in The Netherlands. This event will take place in week 39, from Tuesday the 27th until Thursday the 29th of September 2016 in Warmenhuizen (North Holland, The Netherlands), daily from 09.00 – 17.00 h.

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Hazera Participates in the 2016 Shandong International Vegetable Exhibition

Hazera China participated once again in the 2016 Shandong International Vegetable Exhibition, held from April 20th to 30th. Both the Hazera booth in the Exhibition Hall and the Hazera Farm were beautifully designed and decorated with logo flags, posters, logo tent and more.

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Tomato Open Days in Bleiswijk

We would like to invite you to come and visit our trials during our Tomato Open Days in Bleiswijk. During these Open Days we will present a wide range of vine tomatoes and specialties.

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More news of Hazera Onion Study Tour

After an amazing evening on last Tuesday, where the Hazera Onion Study Tour took the Aerial Tramway in Palm Springs and enjoyed the view, the group continued the tour to the California’s Imperial Valley on Wednesday.

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Hazera China's Best Employee 2016 award and appreciation for three veteran staff members

On April 19th, just before the opening of Shandong International Vegetable Fair, Hazera China held a staff meeting in Shouguang Farm. At the meeting, Mr. Yossi Tzuri and Operations Manager Jane Liu summed up the past few months.

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Hazera’s Onion Study Tour 2016 – Exploring the West

Hazera is taking 40 VIP onion specialists from 10 countries on an educational trip on onion breeding, production, processing and marketing in California, USA.

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Hazera China Participants in the Chifang International Agriculture Exhibition

The Chifeng International Agriculture Exhibition was held from the 29th to the 31st of March 2016. Yossi Tzuri, Jane Liu, Liu Yin Jie and Janet Guo from Hazera China participated in this important event, during which approximately 50,000 farmers visited the Hazera booth.

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Hazera's new R&D Center in Berurim site

Hazera completed recently the move of its new R&D Center, including laboratories, breeding greenhouses and offices, into its new headquarters in Berurim site.

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Lettuce Tip Burn Relation to Environmental Influences

At the Hazera open day for lettuce growers held on the Berurim farm in mid-December 2015, Hazera Lettuce Breeder, Amos Nir, gave a talk on the causes of Lettuce Tip Burn and offered some solutions for both field and hydroponic varieties.

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Tarim Fuari Agroexpo

Interview with our Tomato Global Product Manager, Yaron Giras, on a local TV Channel at the exhibition ''Tarim Fuari Agroexpo'' in Izmir, Turkey.

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And the winners of the Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards are.....

The Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) The FLIA is an award assigned to the best innovations in the fruit and vegetable world. A group of experts selects ten significant innovations that were introduced during the course of the previous year.

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Open Day in the Arava 2016: Interview with agronomist Shachar Rassel

During our annual January Arava R&D Open Day, I interviewed Shachar Rassel, Hazera Sales' Manager for the Arava and Ramat Hanegev, at the Hazera pavilion.

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Personal watermelons currently account for about 15% of the US watermelon market, and the percentage is steadily increasing.

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Who We Are

Hazera is a global leader in the seed industry. Hazera brings expertise commitment and support, combining decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology. Hazera breeds, develops, produces and markets varieties and seeds in a wide range of vegetable crops around the world.

Hazera’s headquarters are situated in Israel and in The Netherlands, with subsidiaries in twelve countries and an extensive distribution network  providing services in over 100 additional markets. This worldwide presence enables us to be close to our customers. It allows us to offer technical support and to anticipate and respond to local needs by creating varieties that fit specific climates… Read more


R&D & Technologies

Hazera’s breeders and scientists are determined to deliver to its customers world-wide tailored varieties with an innovative set of traits by combining decades of experience in breeding with cutting-edge technology. Hazera promotes this innovation process by reinvesting >20% of its revenues in R&D…Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility


At Hazera Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the company policy in many domains.
We strive for Sustainable Development: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
We integrate social and environmental concerns in our economic operations and interactions, and are continuously paying attention to…Read more