Hazera 20 years in Polish market

Hazera Poland is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company was officially registered in September 1998 and has operated on the Polish market incessantly to the present day.
Starting with a limited staff and by offering 16 vegetable varieties Hazera Poland has a team of more than 15 people and a range of products of almost 160 varieties.

For the future Hazera Poland is focussing on pink tomatoes. This includes both tomatoes for production in greenhouses and in tunnels, as well as open field tomatoes.
According to Renata Jankowska, General manager of Hazera Poland, is the recipe of this succesful 20 years to have an excellent team, with great passion and commitment. And in addition to the team the partners and distributors cooperating with us for 20 years.
We congratulate our team in Poland and our customers.

International carrot symposium in Poland

Carrot Symposium Poland


Vilmorin-Mikado and Hazera Poland: a successful collaboration on carrot!

Thanks to a close relationship with sister company Vilmorin-Mikado we participated in the 2nd international symposium on carrot and other apiaceae.
Vilmorin is a key player in the market, introducing successful varieties likes Speedo, Octavo or Melodio. By providing a large range of products, the company respond today to the producers’ expectations.
For the Carrot and Other Apiaceae International Symposium, both Hazera Poland and Vilmorin-Mikado teams shared their know-how, showed their reliability, and their strength as a working partner.