Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR at Hazera

Roseland-Water-pump-219X214At Hazera Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the company policy in many domains.

We strive for Sustainable Development: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs

We integrate social and environmental concerns in our economic operations and interactions, and are continuously paying attention to find the right balance.


CSR areas

Foto-5-219X214 Community involvement and involvement in education

  •  Consumer / supply chain
  •  Fair operating practices
  •  Respect for the environment
  •  Good labour practices, health&safety and human rights
  •  Governance, cooperation and dialogue (stakeholders, employees)
  •  Innovation and access to it
  • Long term orientation





We are actively involved in local communities, and have a focus on education:

  • School projects: active long term involvement also including company employees
  • Support in developing countries, for example the Roseland project in Ethiopia
  • Sponsoring local farmers’ intiatives
  • Support Foodbanks to provide food to people in need
  • Sponsoring local sport clubs
  • Creation of employment and income
  • And of course providing the healthiest type of food to consumers: vegetables.


Hazera cycles for ALS

PostOur relations Dick Pater and Jaap Brasser are cycling 12,000 kilometers through Africa from Cairo to Cape Town! They do this for the ALS foundation, which fights against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a muscle disease that causes paralysis. The target amount is € 10,000 and Hazera is eager to contribute… Read More

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