Hazera’s watermelon: Quality all the way

Vast experience in understanding market needs at all levels in the mini seedless category enabled our breeders to develop the concept around ‘Quality all the Way’ which lately has been translated towards different watermelon sizes in both seeded and seedless categories.

Together with our partners
Each stakeholder in the fresh supply chain is vital: starting with the grower, followed by packer, shipper, buyer towards retailer and final consumer, every step must be considered.  An important focus of our breeding is adapting our varieties to environmental conditions like different climates and soil types, yield consistency, fruit quality, uniformity and endurance. Other important grower beneficial targets on which we select our varieties are labour cost reduction, multiple disease resistances, earliness and easy fruit setting. The trend towards grafting requires selection on adaptability and compatibility on different rootstock types.

  • Seeded watermelon
    Our breeding selects varieties in dry as well as humid conditions in order to obtain adaptable varieties providing stable fruit sizes and qualities. Major advantages are early yield with good size fruits, field standing ability and shipping quality for long distance transport.
  • Seedless watermelon
    Our leadership in mini seedless is achieved with long shelf life varieties of convenient size adapted for long distance shipping combined with exceptional flesh qualities in terms of flesh color, texture and taste. This rapidly growing market requires size ranges from 1 to 5 kg pending market and packing standards. Especially quality consistency and easy to carry varieties are gaining popularity. We start providing larger seedless fitting in both traditional markets and markets in transition from seeded toward seedless, targeting quality consistency, yield stability and adaptability to changing growing conditions.


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