Hazera radish – High pack-out of excellent quality

Healthy, tasty & convenient
For many consumers, radish is known as an ingredient to their salads, but radish can be enjoyed in many other ways. Radish offers a range of health, taste and convenience benefits. It is a healthy product to consume because of its high levels of important vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. Next to that, radish contains high levels of antioxidants and it acts as a powerful detoxifier. Radishes come in different colors, like red, white or purple, and can be round or elongated. In the past decades, radish has gained popularity and it is now grown and consumed all over the world, form the American continents to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Radish is commonly sold loose or in bunches. Often it is pre-packed and pre-cut.

Leading position in round red hybrid varieties
Radish, with the Latin name Raphanus sativus, belongs to the cruciferous or mustard family. Hazera has been considering this specie as one of the priorities in its R&D programs for more than 40 years. Worldwide, Hazera has a leading position in round red hybrid radish varieties for both indoor and outdoor productions. Our dedicated team of breeders focus on needs expressed by growers, processors and distributors in all markets.

Healthy future for the worldwide radish chain
For distributors and consumers a good shelf life, quality, taste and a fresh appearance of the
radish are very important. Hazera’s radish breeders have been able to adapt this crop successfully for year round production, both indoor and outdoor, a huge benefit for all. Evolving demands from markets and customers will continue to inspire the Hazera radish team to develop new, improved varieties for markets and specific segments worldwide. We are committed to high quality innovative radish varieties. Varieties that will bring a healthy future for the worldwide radish chain, from growers to consumers all over the world.


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