Hazera’s melon: A wealth of taste

Melons are considered a succulent delicacy all over the world. And currently one of the focuses of Hazera’s R&D that introduced the world to Galia melons, with exciting new varieties scheduled to join Hazera’s existing melon seed portfolio. The popularity and demand for melons is growing, as awareness for its qualities spreads.

Hand in hand with our partners
Hazera continues its tradition of breeding new products hand in hand with our partners, to ensure that the final product addresses the needs of growers, as well as the entire chain up to the final consumer. We develop new melon varieties of Galia, Ananas & innovative specialties, with a focus on fruit qualities, different flesh colors (white, cream and orange), recognizable appearance and plants that are highly productive, resistant and strong.

Our melon portfolio:

  • Galia Melons
    The aromatic, green flesh, round & well netted melon was first developed commercially by Hazera in Israel. Hazera focuses on developing varieties that are adapted to different countries and seasons, that are highly productive, with special resistances and excellent flesh quality.
  • Ananas
    The most aromatic melon in the world, developed for local consumption and very popular in the Middle East, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Israel and many other countries (that grow the Galia as well). It is oblong in shape, has an eye-catching external color and is big, from 2 up to 4 kgs. Hazera is focused on developing a highly resistant melon variety, with high internal qualities, that combines a strong plant with good productivity and yields.
  • Specialties
    Since the market is evolving and looking for more innovation Hazera is developing unique specialty melon types that combine the genetics of Ananas, Galia and other melon types. The focus is on varieties offering very high quality, high uniformity and different taste experiences, distinctive in shape and colour from other melon types. These specialty melons are targeted for markets that seek for new flavour but that must be externally recognizable and distinctive.





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