Hazera’s leek, bred to perform


Hazera’s leek portfolio is created by years of intensive breeding research combined with adequate development activities. By communicating with the industry and our customers, we try to deliver the best product for everyone’s needs. By the acquisition of an entire commercial and breeding leek programme we have made an important step to be prepared for the future.

High performing varieties
Our leek varieties are developed for the different markets, adapted to specific seasons and climatic conditions. Together with our partners we strive to deliver high performing varieties. The perfect combination of yield, quality and performance is of high relevance for the markets. Hazera develops new leek varieties for any period of the year for all specific countries.

Leek per season
Every season demands other important specifications for a leek variety. In general we can define three different segments. Summer, Autumn and Winter season. The breeding team will take further steps to define early summer, summer, early autumn, autumn, late autumn, early winter, winter and overwintering. All different slots with specific needs.

Summer season:
⦁ Earliness
⦁ Strong against bolting
⦁ Easy to clean
⦁ Uniformity
⦁ Erect plant type
⦁ Shaft length
⦁ Quality

Autumn season:
⦁ Easy to clean
⦁ Highly productive
⦁ Uniformity
⦁ Health

Winter season:
⦁ Frost tolerant
⦁ Standing ability
⦁ Health
⦁ Dark colour
⦁ Strong/flexible in changing weather conditions
⦁ Productive
⦁ Easy to clean
⦁ Quality

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