Carrots were first grown in the region of Afghanistan. They were originally purple or yellow. Thanks to centuries of breeding, the taste of carrots has improved and the orange color has become dominant. There are currently over 500 varieties of carrot in the world. Hazera offers carrots of Vilmorin-Mikado.

Production & types
The carrot is an universal vegetable with production well spread all over the world. It is very diversified and each area in the world has its preferred type. The types in general per region:

  • Nantes type -> Worldwide
  • Kuroda type -> All of Asia, Africa & Egypt
  • Chantenay type -> Eastern Europe & Central Asia
  • Imperator type-> USA & Canada.

Carrot worldwide
There is 40 m tons production of carrot worldwide. Most of the production is dedicated to the fresh market for which the carrots are sold either in bunches or prepacked in bags but sold loose as well. 80% of the world production is for the Fresh market. Whole carrots can be stored about 2 to 3 weeks in your fridge. 20% is for the Processed market: ready to eat and most of the time in special packaging.

Carrot, Vilmorin-Mikado’s key species
Hazera offers carrots of Vilmorin-Mikado. They have developed a whole range of hybrids adapted to numerous situations. Maestro F1, undoubtedly the world’s most cultivated Nantes variety, combines resistance to several diseases, high quality and a substantial commercial yield. Earliness, yield and flavour are the essential criteria for Vilmorin-Mikado’s research.
With its long experience, genetics resources and numerous sites worldwide, Vilmorin-Mikado actively works to create carrot varieties that the meet the needs of our partners all over the world.


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