THE WINNING TEAM- A Success Story in the North American Market

Personal watermelons currently account for about 15% of the US watermelon market, and the percentage is steadily increasing.

Among the reasons for this impressive growth are consumer enjoyment of the truly delicious taste and convenience of the mini-watermelon, as well as the fact that American families are getting smaller. Recently, mini-watermelons have been capturing a market share away from the similar sized, regular melons.
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Open Field Day summery

Hundreds of farmers from all corners of Israel participated in Hazera company’s Open Field Day, held on the 8th and 9th of July 2015. This agricultural celebration, that has been taking place annually for 12 years, was held this year in Moshav Nir Chen in southern Israel, and included a variety of Hazera crops developed for open fields, as well as a selection of greenhouse tomato varieties. Continue reading

Hazera reinforces its working relations with Balkans countries

Balkans distributors’ first visit ever to Hazera HQ Israel

During the second half of May, a group of owners, managers and employees from companies that represent Hazera in the Balkan region visited Hazera Israel. The objectives of the visit were to reinforce the knowledge of our distributors and bolster their connections with the company, to introduce the distributors to the new Hazera complex and research center in Brurim, to visit the plant in Sderot, and to meet their local Israeli colleagues and partners in person. Continue reading

Golden Star Award for Hazera’s Sderot plant

Golden Star Award for Hazera’s Sderot plant

Rewarding five consecutive years of Five Beauty Star Awards
Hazera’s Israelian Sderot seed processing plant won five Beauty Stars in the “Beautiful Industry in Israel” competition. As it is the fifth consecutive year Sderot wins the 5 Beauty Stars, the plant now also received the Golden Star Award that was handed over during the winning ceremony on December 30th. Continue reading