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Supporting growers during the full crop cycle is of utmost importance for us.
In all of our activities we are always looking at ways we can grow together and create success together! Therefore, we are happy to introduce the updated crop advisor app. Continue reading

Camelot – Long lasting quality for your customer

In European supermarkets, the sales of snack tomatoes are increasing rapidly by approx. 20% per year. In The Netherlands, snack tomatoes have a market share of nearly 38%.
“At Hazera we are constantly looking for solutions to tackle the challenges of the supply chain”, says Produce Chain and Business Development Manager, Arjan van Steekelenburg.  “We are looking at what’s lacking in the market in order to jump into that space”.

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International Carrot Symposium, Poland

Carrot symposium Poland


Vilmorin-Mikado and Hazera Poland: a successful collaboration on carrot!

Thanks to a close relationship with sister company Vilmorin-Mikado we participated in the 2nd international symposium on carrot and other apiaceae.
Vilmorin is a key player in the market, introducing successful varieties likes Speedo, Octavo or Melodio. By providing a large range of products, the company respond today to the producers’ expectations. For the Carrot and Other Apiaceae International Symposium, both Hazera Poland and Vilmorin-Mikado teams shared their know-how, showed their reliability, and their strength as a working partner.