Growing tomatoes in high temperatures


I have an 8,000 square meter open ventilation greenhouse. Our summer temperatures reach 45 C with 40% humidity. The rest of the year, the daytime temperature ranges from 30 to 37C, and night temperatures are 17 – 20C.
I want to bring the temperature down using a fogging system. We are planning to use coco peat grow bags. Please suggest the varieties which we can grow throughout the year.

Sai Krishna

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Shanty treatment

Shanty Tomatoes


I am from Ethiopia, and I got your seeds in Shara. I have some questions, if you please.
1) What should be the rate of fertilizer application, especially in relation to growth stages? The area is severely deficient.
2) Some pointers about how & when to prune.
3) Some photos of Shanti tomato production, if available.
4) I am going to transplant Shanty Tomato seedlings. What is the appropriate spacing and how should I arrange the stakes for support?
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