Global Tomato Congress

On 16 march 2021 the Global Tomato Congress is going to explore the latest innovations in the tomato category via a day full of online learning and networking.

During this day the focus will be on the modernization of the fresh tomato supply chain that serves retail, wholesale and foodservice channels across the world. With three parallel programs throughout this day, Global Tomato Congress is a unique experience for everyone interested in the international tomato business.

Hazera is a proud sponsor of the Global Tomato Congress. Hazera breeds, develops, produces and markets varieties and seeds in a wide range of vegetable crops, covering, among other needs, the needs of partners in global fresh produce chains.

The innovative aspect of Global Tomato Congress is consistent with our vision.

We recently launched our new variety snack tomato Camelot. Due to innovative research and working closely with our partners in Morocco and Spain, we have been able to crystallize the perfect harvest moment to ensure that the Camelot tomatoes remain in perfect condition on the shelves in the supermarket and in het kitchen of the consumers.

During the Global Tomato Congress our Fresh Chain Manager Arjan van Steekelenburg is happy to share with you the latest insights and trends on sustainable packaging and possible solutions.

Want to get to know more about new product development, marketing strategies and brand new technologies ? Register here now for the Global Tomato Congress or contact our team:

Yaron Giras
Global Product Manager Solanum
+97 2 88 50 88 28

Arjan van Steekelenburg
Chain Manager – Fresh Produce
+31 6 42 48 07 35

Marcel van Kester
Crop Specialist High Tech Tomato
+31 6 43 84 07 34

Karel Welten
Crop Specialist Tomato
+31 6 43 84 07 33