Lettuce Demo field day, Triada Evias

The Lettuce Open Field day held in Greece was the first sign of the “new normal”, following the Coronavirus epidemic quarantine period.This was an excellent opportunity to introduce lettuce growers to the new varieties by Hazera and launch the new collaboration between 2 sister companies, Hazera and Vilmorin-Mikado, under the slogan “Together is Better”
Since last October, Hazera Hellas has served as the representative in Greece of Vilmorin-Mikado, offering its vegetable crops products, including a wide range of leafy varieties.
Vilmorin-Mikado is a global leader in lettuces and the strategic cooperation with Hazera Hellas in Greece is an opportunity for growers, plant raisers and fresh fruit traders to evaluate the new products of both companies and share the current trends in the Greek and European market.
For Hazera, this collaboration has placed the company in a leading position in the leafy vegetable industry in Greece, with an extensive range of lettuce varieties in all the segments: Iceberg Romaine, Batavia, Oakleaf
Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, which were complied with carefully, dozens of local growers visited the field, enjoyed the good weather and received valuable practical know-how for their work.