International Distribution Open Day & Seminar – Israel

Our International Distribution Open Days & Seminar, that have been held every 3 years for 15 years, are a true celebration of agriculture. The open days are an opportunity to exhibit our range of crops for open fields, as well as an assortment of tomato and pepper varieties for greenhouse.
These open days, that for the past 5 years have been held in Moshav Nir Chen in southern Israel, attracted hundreds of growers from all over the country, with Hazera’s Israel market team and the marketing and sales teams in attendance to provide professional support, information and guidance.



This year the event went global and was attended by over 80 distributors from 45 countries. The Hazera team presented varieties developed by the company especially for growing in open fields to the visitors and customers, and conducted professional tours in Nir Chen’s fields in order to enable the participants to see the varieties up close and learn about their cultivations conditions.

The event also included a professional seminar with lectures about tomatoes, onions and other crops, open discussions with experts, various new developments, tours at our professional innovative QC Labs and Genotyping Center, a tour at our Seed Plant in Sderot, a tour at our tomato demonstration greenhouse for overview of wide range of tomato types and more.

This was an opportunity for Hazera to exhibit the company’s well known and excellent varieties, alongside new melons and lettuce varieties:
Our new, high-quality portfolio of orange melon varieties offers a diverse range of shapes and flavors adapted to the various seasons. Some of the varieties, such as ”Fuxi”, was launched this year, and some will hit the market in the near future.
In addition, visitors were also able to encounter our ”Mona” and ”Monale” new lettuce varieties, launched on the open day. These multi-leaf lettuce varieties are known for their long shelf life and crispness, and supply a great many individual leaves with one stroke of a knife.

See you at our future events.