AgroExpo2019 – A celebration of taste, smell and color with the best tomato, watermelon & melon varieties in Greece

AgroExpo2019, one of the most important agricultural events in Greece, held in Lerapetra – a 4-day celebration with more than 8,000 visitors.

This May, Hazera Hellas participated in AgroExpo2019 for the first time, with an impressive booth and colorful presentation of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelons and melons.
Nissos beef tomato variety has one again proven itself as the best variety in its market segment, as did specialty cherry tomato Ornella and the grape Whitney, which was crowned the best flavor in the exhibition.
But without a doubt, our watermelons and the melons attracted most of the attention: Zepo melon with its memorable taste due to its extremely high brix rate – about 16%! and Mirela watermelon, with its beautiful structure, crunchy texture and perfect taste.

A large volume of growers and traders visited Hazera’s booth and expressed interested in the products. This was an opportunity for them to taste the fresh fruits and experience them first hand, as well as to taste interesting cocktails made of the fruits.

A big thank you to the organizer and the customers that visited our booth.

The fresh products remaining from the display were supplied to the local branch of Red Cross in Leraptra.