Onion Study Tour

Every other year van Meir Onions & Potatoes is organising an onion study tour for their growers. Hazera assists with the organisation of this trip in cooperation with colleagues and partners.
This year the study tour takes place in Peru and started last Monday.. After arriving in Lima the growers visited Mercado Mayorista, one of the biggest markets of Latin America. Afterwards they visited Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, the biggest agricultural University of Peru.

Yesterday the group was also in Ica where they visited Key Peru, grower, packer and exporter of yellow and pink onions. The yellow onions are grown for the export to the USA.
Afterwards the group had a guided tour at Agrolatina, a fruit growing company with more than 1000 ha.
Lunch was held at a nice hotel where more information was shared about wine.

At the end of the day the group visited the dunes with buggies! In short a succesful first part of the trip!