Hazera Seeds Turkey was the shining star at Fethiye Agritech 2018!

Hazera Turkey hit the headlines with its newest portfolio, reinforced team, knowledge and experience – at the agricultural exhibition held in Fethiye from the 11th to 14th of April 2018.

This was an excellent opportunity to meet key growers, dealers, nurseries and many other business partners from Fethiye and nearby regions at the exhibition, that attracted a record number of 35K entrances over 4 days. It was indeed an extremely effective event to present our newest varieties to the market.

Lamia F1, the “major” FC segment and Adel F1, the “new winter variety” which is more advanced than tomato 144 “legendary variety”- were presented with their fresh fruits in our booth, where we held more than 200 one-to-one meetings within 4 days. Both of our varieties were a highlight for visitors, who were impressed with their key advantages of high quality fruit, firmness and high yield.

Additionally, the new spring segment varieties, Altima F1 and Numa F1 put a huge smile on our growers’ faces with their fantastic growing results, when presented to our visitors who were provided with further details.

Hazera Turkey, that constantly aims to provide the best products for growers, will continue to meet with the business partners in the sector and continue to be committed to growing together.