New video clip: customised grading

Dutch onion producers can do practically anything. After all, 130 export destinations each require their ‘own’ version of the Holland Onion. Dutch onions can be sorted to an accuracy of half a centimetre with respect to their size and weight. All customary sortings are possible. Pickles (28-40 mm), Small sized (35-50 mm), Middle sized (40-60 mm, 45-65 mm, 50-60 mm and 50-70 mm), Large sized (60-80 mm and Super sized (75-105 mm) are the most common sorting ranges. Within these ranges we can perform very specific additional sorting, using customised sieves.

The unique sorting installation enables a highly accurate and product-friendly sorting. Drop heights are reduced to a minimum. Holland Onions are carefully thrown slightly upwards and subsequently fall forward in a very controlled manner. Because of this the product cannot totter between the sorting holes thus ensuring great precision.

The shaking movement of the sieve screens ensures the optimum spreading of the onions over the complete width of the sorting sieve. This results in nice batches of homogeneous onions, perfectly matching the client’s specifications. More and more often we also use advanced infra-red technology for this.
Your wish is our command… An example of the ingenious craftsmanship of the Dutch onion producing chain.