Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato 2017

Another successful year for Hazera at Expo AgroAlimentaria in Mexico – the annual agricultural event that is one of the largest and most important agro events in central and south America. 

This year, Hazera presented a wide range of dedicated varieties. Visitors to the Expo were impressed by the new determinate  Roma tomatoes Gabby & Vanessa, as well as the indeterminate Roma tomatoes, Romina & Romeo.

In the Cherry tomatoes segment, Hazera introduced Olene, the sister of Olivia grape tomato, boasting extraordinary qualities and additional resistance to TSWV.

Hazera continues to lead in the mini-seedless watermelon segment, with its “winning team” of varieties, and presented its newest addition, bearing the captivating name of Cheetah.

Other crops presented by Hazera were colorful blocky peppers, cabbages, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, onions, radishes and many more.

Thousands of visitors, customers and distributor visited Hazera’s booth, greenhouse and open fields, where they were greeted by Hazera’s professional staff who were glad to share their in-depth knowledge and offer their assistance to customers and promote

their success.