Tomato varieties at Hazera open day in Liaoning China

On the 4th of November 2016, about 200 tomato grower and seed & seedling dealers participated in the Open Day held to showcase Hazera’s tomato varieties. The event was organized by Sheng Yuan Agriculture in Haicheng, Liaoning province. The Open Day was an opportunity to reinforce the relationships between the Hazera company and local dealers and growers. Mr. Yossi Tzuri , the General Manager of Hazera China, Mr. Sun of Sheng Yuan, and Mr. Liu of Hazera’s North East market division gave speeches about Hazera and its new tomato varieties, named Luo La and Fen Di. Also joining us at the Open Day Ms. Liat Koperstein, the Tomato Product Manager from Hazera’s headquarters. Many thanks to Sheng Yuan Agriculture for the wonderful opportunities, and hoping for continued fruitful cooperation.
The Hazera China Team