Crop varieties – a key factor in advancing Panamanian agriculture

At the end of September, Panama’s Minister of Agriculture came on a national mission on behalf of the government, with the goal of advancing Panamanian agriculture. The Minister related that currently the status of agriculture in Panama is poor in terms of technology, knowledge and of course yields, and they realize that crop varieties are a key factor in this state of affairs. It is for this reason that he chose to visit Hazera Israel, due to its standing as a leading vegetable seeds company.
Hazera’s sales in Panama are at present almost non-existent, unlike several other countries in Central America, so there is great potential for growth.
During the Minister’s visit, we showcased our company and its capabilities, and then discussed ways to establish working relations that will help to promote agriculture in Panama and Hazera’s sales in the county.

Also published on IsraelAgri.