Hazera Germany – the new radish breeding program

In the beginning of September the vegetable garden of Germany – DIE PFALZ – is the meeting point for German vegetable growers.
Hazera Germany invited all customers for the 7th time to its field day and growers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland used this day for discussion and exchange of information about the Hazera vegetable range.
Butterhead lettuce, iceberg and multi-leave types from Vilmorin, corn salad and endives from the Clause breeding were in the focus of the past years. This year, Hazera Germany’s team highlighted the new radish breeding program with a special radish show. Radish is a strategic crop for Hazera Germany with a market volume of more than 4 million € and parts of the breeding work even take place in Germany. With the new varieties Prelito F1, Rendito F1, Qualito F1 and Melito F1 Hazera Germany wants to expand its market share and to become a strategic player in the radish market – the outlook is positive.
With this multi-brand event under the umbrella of Hazera the German team was able to welcome over 300 visitors and to open a window on the Limagrain breeding.
Next to Hazera other competitors, machine companies and official consultants presented themselves at this event, which makes this field day an increasingly international attraction for the vegetable production.
The weather was excellent and the last year consumed quantity of ice cream was again beaten.
Ice cream and vegetables – again a golden combination.