Open days in China with Hazera’s TY-resistant pink tomato variety – ”Luo La”

Throughout November 2015, Hazera held many open days in China for its new TY-resistant pink tomato variety ”Luo La”, in sites ranging from the South of China, through the Yunnan province to Northern China, Shandong, Hebei Bei and Liaoning provinces.

After 5 years of field screening, trials and demonstrations, growers, seed dealers and fruit retailers have become more familiar with the pink tomato variety ”Luo La” – with its TY-resistant and long shelf life – and welcome it warmly. The variety was bred by Hazera.  It is characterized by high yields, large fruit size, nice pink color, good fruit quality, early maturity, good disease resistances and a wide range of adaptations for different growing conditions and segments, with transplanting from April to August in open fields and protected spaces.

”Luo La” is already bringing growers higher income compared to other varieties grown. We believe ”Luo La” will be one of the best, leading varieties in the pink tomato market. For more information, please contact the local Hazera staff: