Growing tomatoes in high temperatures


I have an 8,000 square meter open ventilation greenhouse. Our summer temperatures reach 45 C with 40% humidity. The rest of the year, the daytime temperature ranges from 30 to 37C, and night temperatures are 17 – 20C.
I want to bring the temperature down using a fogging system. We are planning to use coco peat grow bags. Please suggest the varieties which we can grow throughout the year.

Sai Krishna



Dear Sai Krishna,

It is not easy to grow tomatoes in high temperatures, such as 45C degrees. But if the night temperature during the rest of the year is 17-20, it is very good because pollen production is connected with the night temperatures, which must never be higher (for sequent of 3 nights) than 24C.

You can begin to grow the tomatoes when temperatures are low and then reach high temperatures, when the plant has all of its yield, you can use a shadow net to reduce temperatures.

Using a fogging or misting system at this stage, can help reduce the heat, but only if you are sure that it will not have a negative effect on diseases infection (Cladosporium, Botrythis, Bacterial diseases).
We suggest that you use fogging or misting, in high temperatures from transplanting, until the tomato plants reach a height of 1 meter, it is very effective in reducing the temperature of the tomato leaves.
As to your question about which variety to use, please tell me about your region and geographic location, so we will be able to suggest the best solution.
Hazera has many varieties for hot temperature fruit set,:

Ya’ara as big fruits of 140-180gr. non TYLCV resistant
Antonella as cluster variety with 140gr. Also non TYLCV resistant
Lamia, variety for single picking, fruits are 160-180gr. With TYLCV resistant

Best regards
George ARRAF,
Agro Technical Support Specialist