Hazera Field Day- Bigger than ever!

Over the last three years our former “Lettuce Day” in Palatinate developed to become our main “Field Day”, and it is now “the big event” of the Hazera team in Germany – meanwhile also an inherent part of the autumn field visits for our customers from Germany and surrounding countries (the so-called “Hub Countries” south and east from Germany served by Hazera Germany).

Field Day 2015 - HAZ Germany

This year our Field Day took place on the 10th of September 2015 – again close to the regional trial station and to the events of Enza, BASF and Syngenta. It turned out to be the biggest and best-visited field day we ever had! A big success with over 350 visitors from all over Germany, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and really one visitor from Brasil! Many interested colleagues from France, The Netherlands and Poland joined us.

The visitors could find 200 plots with different planting dates on the presentation area. All varieties were prepared with 2-3 planting dates to demonstrate the big flexibility and growing safety. Hazera – as radish specialist – showed the very interesting portfolio of the current program. Furthermore Vilmorin’s broad range of butterhead, iceberg, romaine and oak leaf was presented. And last but not least the new and also the proven varieties of Clause were shown: corn salad, rocket, squash, endive and pumpkin.
In our pavilion we additionally presented carrots, onions, pointed and white cabbage.

Our caterer served the guests with typical food from Palatinate (e.g. Pfälzer Saumagen), fresh salads made from our varieties (harvested the evening before at a grower nearby) and grilled sweet corn (Clause brand). Highlight was again our ice cream cart. This year we set a new record with 100 liter of ice cream (= 1.300 scopes!).

To be continued …