International Open Days 2015

Discover the new range of vegetable crops and the latest developments from Hazera and Vilmorin at the International Open Days 2015!

From September 22nd to September 24th, vegetable professionals from all over the world are welcome at the International Open Days. A unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations in open field vegetable varieties offered by seed companies Hazera and Vilmorin.

At the same time as the open field days at various seed companies in the Seed Valley area of Holland, takes place Seed meets Technology. Learn more >

The event is a real “living catalogue” of many crops and varieties, and takes place in week 39, from Tuesday 22 until Thursday 24 September 2015 from 9am to 5 pm on a 2 ha. field located near Dirkshorn (province of North Holland in The Netherlands).

Crop specialists from both companies – daughters of the Limagrain Group – will make visitors familiar with the latest varieties, introductions, improvements, trends and technologies in vegetable growing. Crops on show: white, red, savoy, and pointed cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, onion (extra-long and long day), carrot, beetroot, several types of lettuce, squash, leek, radish, pumpkin, celery, celeriac and endive. A selection of fruited crops (tomato, cucumber, watermelon and others) will be shown on-spot in the pavilion.

New in this edition: special “Theme Days” composed in collaboration with external knowledge partners

  • During the whole event- Tasty and interesting food will be prepared with our vegetables.
  • Tuesday theme- Soil and how to optimise the use of it.
  • Wednesday theme – Markets of main vegetable crops, more specifically on year round supply chains.
  • Thursday theme- Taste, with comparative tasting on tomato, pointed cabbage, carrot and watermelon, supported by scientific theory leading to discussion on what makes good taste.

Contact details

To get more detailed product information please contact Mrs. Marion Vissers at Hazera, tel. +31 (0)6 – 21 58 70 80 , or Mrs. Hélène Lardeur at Vilmorin, tel. +33 6 85 54 11 70.
For general information: Hazera Communications, Mr. Lando van Doorn, tel. +31 (0)6 – 34 65 85 20.

Location International Open Days 2015

Middenweg 15, 1746 EA Dirkshorn, North Holland (The Netherlands)
GPS coordinates: 45.10 North 52o, 04o 47.23 East.

Route description:
At the end of the A9 Amsterdam-Alkmaar highway, take the N242 road towards Heerhugowaard /ring Alkmaar Oost. After following the N508 in the direction of Schagen, take the N245 (Schagerweg) and continue on this road for about 12km until the main crossing with traffic lights where Dirkshorn is on the left. Turn right to the Middenweg, and the Hazera demonstration field is about 100 metres on the left- hand side.

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Hereunder a few highlights from what is shown in the demo fields:

Hazera is showing a whole range of interesting innovations in Brassica (cabbage), for example a range of new varieties combining earliness with storability, also for continental growing conditions.

On show are also some exciting new broccoli varieties with a really good heat set that maintain a very good head quality even in extremely hot conditions.

Yield is one of the main focus points of the Brussels sprouts program: visitors will see the latest easy growing variety with an amazing sprout count on the stem.

Hazera’s onion portfolio has become very complete and is now ranging from Extra Long Day onions (Rijnsburger) all the way to tropical Short Day onions, which enables us to address suitable and successful varieties to growers in all main onion growing areas worldwide. Hazera’s focus in onion breeding is on disease resistance, firmness and improved dormancy through the full range of crop types.

For North-West Europe we’re honouring brand new onion varieties that combine outstanding traits like high dormancy, firmness and skin retention. These genetics are now setting the new standards at worldwide level and products are exported all over the globe. In the dedicated onion pavilion on the demo field, visitors will also find recent introductions in the Long Day American type, reaching new markets and new users by very good yield, excellent bulb quality and earliness.

The complete red round radish portfolio is now ranging from Indoor to all the main Outdoor radish markets worldwide. Hazera’s breeders focus on disease resistance and uniformity in order to gain a high nett result over the full chain. Hazera is very active in breeding and is currently introducing new varieties with outstanding performances.

Vilmorin’s team will be pleased to welcome you in the field and in the tent to present its main commercial varieties and brand new numbers. As a global expert in carrot breeding, Vilmorin will focus on this crop.
Visitors will see carrot varieties with strong disease resistances and high marketable yields, new varieties bred for long storage in soil or in cold stores, and new genetics for the late autumn harvest slot combining vigour in the field, disease resistances and strong root quality. Other novelties are standing out by their uniformity and yield potential or by their colour and smoothness. In the pavilion, visitors will enjoy tasting the new shiny yellow hybrid. Very interesting is also Vilmorin’s renowned seed technology applied on carrots.

Second highlight for Vilmorin are lettuces. Special attention will be given to Iceberg and Little Gem varieties this year, all having of course complete Bremia 16-32 and Nasonovia resistance packages. In the recent wave of new Iceberg numbers we have innovations for processing, in the summer slot and for the German and Benelux markets. New Little Gem varieties showed consistent results this season on the fields, with large scale productions in various regions of Europe.

Regarding cauliflowers, Vilmorin has good news for processors and for growers who want to reinforce their autumn productions.

Of course you are kindly invited to have a look at our demonstration field. We will be glad to send you a field book with detailed information on all varieties. The field book will of course also be available at the Reception during the event. Please contact us for an appointment at your convenience. It will be a great pleasure for us to inform you personally.

We hope to see you there!

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Seed meets Technology 2015

logo SMTAt the same time as the open field days at various seed companies in the Seed Valley area of Holland, takes place Seed meets Technology. The event is about adding value to horticultural seed in the widest sense of the word and expands to 25 participants this second year. Participants show innovative themes at an exhibition and in trial fields. They demonstrate new seed treatments, coatings and germination systems. You will also have the opportunity to experience the newest technologies for seed processing, drying and storing, sustainable crop protection, hydroponics, breeding support, varieties and software. Seed meets Technology takes place September 22, 23, 24 and 25 at Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, Tolweg 13, 1681 ND, Zwaagdijk-Oost, The Netherlands.