Growing tomatoes


Good morning George,

What is the tomato yield per square meter? What is the proper spacing?

I want to grow my tomatoes during the hot season, when temperatures are around 32 and the

relative humidity is 37. Can Galilea tomato do well under such conditions?

What crops should I use to intercrop with my tomatoes?


Enos Lupe, Uganda


Dear Lupe,

Galilea is not the perfect variety for growing during a hot season of 32 Celsius. The low RH – 37

– is very good, especially for disease resistances.

The best seasons for transplanting Galilea are the early spring & spring, and not summer. The

distances I recommend are 1.8-200 cm between the lines, 40-50 cm between the plants.

As to the yield – it can range from 10 kg/m2 under good growing conditions, to 3-4 under bad


I don’t recommend intercropping between tomatoes – maybe some lettuce at the beginning, for

a short period of one month.

All the best,

George Arraf – Agro Technical Support Specialist