Galilea Tomato


Dear George,

I am in the process of growing Galilea tomato seedlings in the greenhouse. What type and

amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticides do you recommend I apply on the seedlings?



Dear Berhane,

Growing Galilea Tomato in greenhouses means that you want early and concentrated production. I

expect that you know that you are growing a semi-determinant variety, and know how to prune

the plants.

Fertilization – you should begin to fertilize a week after transplanting, with balanced N:P:K of I

kg /day/hectare of pure element, from each one of the elements. The goal is to reach plant vigor

before fruit set. For rich soil, this quantity is enough for about 2-3 weeks until the first cluster fruit

set stage, after which you should change the fertilizer to N:P:K with different quantities: 2:1:3 of

N:P:K to attain high yields and high quality tomatoes. The highest fertilizer quantities should be

applied during the picking stage. Two weeks after the beginning of picking season, you can

begin to reduce the quantity, and at the end of the season, you can stop applying the fertilizer,

because there is already enough fertilizer in the soil.

Pesticides – watch out for the white fly (Bemisia Tabacci) that causes TYLCV. The Lavilola

Taurica, (Powdery Mildew) is the first to attack the lower and older leaves, so the first spray

should be powdery mildew pesticide once in two weeks. Also, look out for Phythophtora &

Botrytis that attack crops under conditions of high humidity.

Since I am not familiar with the growing conditions in your region, I provided you with general


Wish you a successfully season with Galilea Tomato variety,

George Arraf – Agro Technical Support Specialist