New disease in tomatoes – Torrado virus


I heard about a new disease in tomatoes – Torrado virus.
Can you explain what it is? How it is transmitted and how can we, tomato growers, avoid it?


Tomato Torrado virus (ToTV) is a new aphid mediated virus that was first identified in Murcia, Spain six years ago, and was later found in Brazil and Mexico. Torrado symptoms can appear on fruits and leaves, and in the latter they are very similar to TSWV (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus) symptoms – “burned”, brownish leaves in the upper part of the plant. The burning starts in the middle of the leaf, and after a Torrado attack no more fruits will set on the infected plant. Due to similarity of symptoms, TSWV and Torrado are easily confused. However, since Bemisia Tabacci is the vector transmitting Torrado, and aphids transmit TSWV, the presence of the vector in the infected field can point to the virus. You can also use field diagnostic tools that will tell you which virus you are dealing with. To prevent Torrado we must protect plants from the vector– the white fly – either using physical barriers or preventive chemical treatments.
The virus can attack tomatoes at all the stages, so keep looking for early symptoms and treat your crop accordingly.