Hazera boosts leek program

Hazera has a long heritage in breeding leek, serving growers with hybrid varieties in all main slots. High yield, easy peeling and resistance to bolting are key aspects in the Hazera leek breeding program. By combining modern science and traditional breeding methods, Hazera’s Research & Development team is able to create top quality varieties for growers and plantraisers. In this breeding process Hazera works closely together with International Research Institutions, applying the latest science to generate better solutions for customers worldwide. Continue reading

Hazera at Hortitec

Hazera at Hortitec

This year Hazera participated for the first time in Hortitec as an exhibitor. The importance of being present at the fair is mainly to promote the Hazera brand in Brazil. Until 2005 the company commercialized its products in the country only via distributors. In 2006 the own subsidiary was established, and with it, began the launch of new products. Since then the company has been growing and now, to further consolidate the brand, is present at Hortitec, the most important event in the national market of horticulture. Continue reading

African Entrepreneurs Visited Hazera

About 25 entrepreneurs from around Africa: Cameroon, Tanzania, Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Kenya and Madagascar, who came to learn from the Israeli expertise and knowledge in agriculture, visited Hazera today. The visitors met with our Commercial Director in Africa, Mr.Jawdat Badawieh, who showcased hazera knowledge and achievement in Africa. Continue reading